Thursday, May 31, 2012

daddy dates

more scrumptious!
Josh and I have been trying to do special things with the kids lately to make sure we are balancing love with discipline. It is so fun for them to be at an age to take them on dates. Last week Josh took Hallel to the $ Tree and Sim and I stayed home to play blocks. Hallel came back with a pink piggy bank and a popsicle tray. Josh said it was so fun to see her get excited about a pink piggy and wanted to get Sim a blue one too. The next day the kids and I made some orange juice popsicles with fresh strawberries! I love summer treats.
This Friday is my turn to go on a date with Josh and I'm super excited! More to follow...

 he turned his hat backwards all by himself to make some serious builds

 making strawberry pops

 scrumptious too!

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