Friday, November 16, 2007


I would like to let the title of this blog speak loudly in it's most simple form. So I must only tell you why we are thankful. Two weekends ago Josh and I were blessed with the presence of Steve and Loie Mathews, Josh's parents. We had beautiful scenery (point Reyes and 300 steps to the lighthouse), scrumptious food (Cheesecake Factory and chocolate truffles, thanks dad and mom), thought provoking conversations (anything from theology to favorite movies), fierce competition (rule-bending Zilch), and even Mill Valley snobbery (we actually took in an art gallery and all liked it). But the best part of the weekend was just being loved. There is truly something wonderfully God-initiated about family enjoying one another. Laughing, hugging, and being encouraged! Thanks dad and mom for the visit down South! We love you!

...and are excited to see all our families at Christmas!!!!!