Saturday, October 29, 2011

making muscles

Josh was teaching the kids how to make muscles. One of those great moments where I just love watching my little family in action.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

our vacation to Sicily

Just kidding! But it felt like it for a moment while eating grilled pizza made by my wonderful chef and husband Joshua! I saw a recipe online and said I thought it looked super hard. But Josh being the optimist said that it looked simple and that he wanted to try it. So that he did and wa laa we had amazing pizza!!!
We had left over toppings so he tried it again with a regular white crust dough and we both thought the first pizza made with the garlic and herb crust dough from Trader Joe's was best. If you want to have a go at it we got the recipe from or you can find it on my pinterest. Happy grilling!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fleet Week

This past week we kept hearing jets fly over and saw some planes in formation and thought it was great but didn't think much about it. On Friday, Josh came home and said it was Fleet Week!
Last year we went to the air show on Fleet Week with Josh's parents and had a blast. But we totally forgot about it this year. So we made a spontaneous decision on  Saturday and went down town to watch the planes. The kids LOVED it and Simeon just kept saying, "jets".
A while back Josh had gotten a smokin deal on groupon for a boat ride and so we decided to use it to have a good seat for the show. There is something so powerful about seeing the bottom of an F18 fly over your head and then hear the loud crackle of the engine follow it. Both Josh and my favorite was when we just looked up and saw the stealth bomber fly so close over our heads. It is an incredible bird and looks paper thin from the side view in the air. Josh also took some amazing pictures from under the Golden Gate Bridge on  the boat tour. Maybe someday one of them will make it to a frame on our wall.

on the boat
 my favorite picture
 the bridge

 this is a framer
 family photo plus stranger

Sim checking out the water through the port hole
 the city

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

14 months

I love this sequence of pictures that for once I was fast enough to grab the camera while they were still in action. Hallel was helping Simeon down the walk and he was letting her hold his hand.
These two are such good buddies. They hardly do anything without the other and are both pretty protective of each other. I am so thankful the Lord knew what He was doing in having them 14 mos apart. Hallel loves teaching Simeon new things and encouraging him when he does it well (although she can be a bossy sister at times too). And Simeon is already learning the art of being silly. He loves to make up games and make Hallel laugh. His new trick is to toot (that's not new) but to say "Hallel" after he does and blame it on her.
I hope they stay close forever.