Sunday, November 27, 2011

10 weeks and counting....

What do you do when you are really pregnant and can't sleep much? Of course, get up and write a blog about it. Ha! 
This Wednesday I will make the 30 week mark. So thankful this process is getting closer. Nine months of life is a very long time. Honestly, this pregnancy seems quite similar to the other two so far. I was so proud of myself for making it a month longer than with Simeon before hearing the "you're gonna pop" comment. I definitely feel like i'm gonna pop most days but since my babies like to hibernate I doubt it.
It is great to have the Holidays as a distraction. There is nothing like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to make me stop and realize how blessed I am and how my family is truly a gift from God and one that I don't deserve. 
It will be so fun to see how baby #3 fits into this little family. 
Here are some pictures of my little blessings goofing off as usual.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Aunt Sara

About a week ago now our family was blessed by a special trip from Aunt Sara (Josh's sister) to our little home. It was a great time and of course went way to fast. The kids loved every minute of it from the anticipation of her coming to the moment we drive her back to the airport.
It is becoming a tradition to make a "countdown" for special events in our family. So we certainly had one this time. The first day and a half the kids had Aunt Sara all to themselves while Josh and I were able to attend a Love & Respect Marriage video conference.
Side note: this conference was sooo good and if you live in the bay area they are doing a live conference in SF (Castro Valley) on February 3-4 ( It very affordable and is worth every penny at any stage of marriage!!!! So there is my plug and I really mean it:)
Thank you Aunt Sara!
It was so wonderful to have her here for almost a week of sunshine. We took a huge walk to the spit, went to the Discovery Museum, went to Half Day Cafe for breakfast, shopped Trader's and Safeway in one morning with both kids and no meltdown's:), read TONS of books, and played and played. I don't know if the kids were more spoiled having so much extra attention or if I was just having a sweet sister to help with the kids and do stuff with.
One of my favs was Simeon bonding with his Aunt and yelling Sarra, Sarra, just to get her attention and then say, HI! And Hallel making up a song and singing SAN FRANSISCO on the way to the airport for Sara.
The best news is that we will see her and more family in less than a month!!!
The "countdown"
 the book "playground"
 reading stories together
 1st In n out experience for Sara
 french fry groupie
 breakfast fun
 being silly at the playground
we love you Aunt Sara

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

costumes and carvings

Last year the kids were crying their eyes out because they didn't want to be dressed up in cute, adorable, stuffy, hot costumes. Seriously, I would have probably cried too.
But this year the kids were so excited and loved it. Although, I am not sure if Simeon had more fun wearing his costume or Josh had more fun getting him ready. Hard to say:)
Hallel had her nails and toes painted for the first time and hair curled and Simeon had egg cartons and socks for padding. He just kept saying, "football" the whole night.
The next night Josh decided to carve the pumpkin for them. It was good times this October.