Sunday, March 23, 2008

Resurrection Day

This morning we had an Easter breakfast at church. It was a wonderful time together as a church family celebrating this most significant of days. We really are growing to love our church more and more.

The Easter egg hunt for the kids

Easter breakfast

Gary and Dave. Great leaders, great men

Yael, Ling, and Nadav

After church we drove west and then north on highway 1 to Bodega Bay and the beautiful beaches up there. It was a perfectly clear and sunny day but pretty cool and windy. We had to keep reminding ourselves that it is only the second day of Spring. More sun and warmth are coming!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 1st!

March first will forever stand out in my mind since 2008. It was a beautiful day in Jacksonville, OR and two amazing people joined their lives together in marital union until death do they part. My sister Cynthia is now Kenneth Ebi's wife!

Leading up to the event (I was able to go up 4 days early) we were madly putting finishing touches on all of Cynthia's (and mom's) hard work. And we snuck in some family time too.

A few of my favorite family times were:

1) sister's day where the four of us and my niece went shopping. We were each in our own dressing room popping out to get advice on our outfits. It was so fun and felt like old times (I still can't believe were are all grown up and so spread out around the world).
2) Dad and I also had some great time hanging out wrapping mini cakes for the wedding favors.
3) Also sitting around some dessert at Olive Garden with Cynthia and her close friends celebrating this special event.

I am so grateful that Josh was willing to make the trek up to Medford before light, after a hard week of studying and Seminars, to be at the wedding. He got there just in time for pictures.
Cynthia looked absolutely beautiful in her dress that she designed and sewed and it fit her style perfectly. She was so calm the whole week and day of the wedding, it seemed as though her and Kenney were just taking it all in.
The pastor emphasized their diligence in waiting for one another as it is rare these days for a 29 & 34 year old. It was such a God-honoring day and so wonderful that the Lord is already glorified by their marriage.
I am so excited that they can enjoy one another and start this wonderful adventure together in Italy!!!!!
Here are some pics that explain better than my words just how beautiful everything looked.
Congratulations Kenney & Cynthia!