Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Pictures!

So we have had many requests lately for a tummy update. Here are a few pictures to update on the past few weeks in our life.

And of course, my favorite, some baby facts.

She is now 15 inches from head to toe, she is learning how to blink, she is over two pounds, and growing fingernails, and she is starting to form features that resemble her parents. Hopefully her daddy's eyes and smile with huge smile lines. We sure are having fun bonding with her, especially as she is moving around all of the time. My favorite is when she pokes me when she hears her daddy's voice. I start my 7th month this week and third and final trimester so she will be growing rapidly and gaining about 1/2 a lb a week and forming important parts of her brain! I am struggling already to bend over and pick things up so I can already tell that speed of life is going to slow way down.

Labor Day weekend with Stacy's parents and oldest sister, Signe and her family (Jonah and 3 kids Caleb, Levi, and Kacy). What a special weekend!!!

Josh's last softball game with the Abiding Way League (our church).

Baby Mama's (Us girls are all 11 weeks apart with Shannon due in Oct, me in Dec, and Liz in March).
Baby Dada's (We are not sure who is due first Josh, Drew, or Josh:) we were having a game night at our new apt!)