Friday, July 15, 2011

changing colors

This is a blog that has been in the making for awhile. I love seeing before and after pictures so I thought it would be fun to share. 
A while back when Josh was working late nights on writing I decided to attack some home projects to keep busy. 
Living in a white walled apartment and on a budget I decided to try painting some of my favorite furniture to add some color and reuse what I already have in the house. With a little help from Martha and her $3 trial size paint this is the result. I actually only used 2 cans because one can had enough paint for an entire dresser.
This is one of my favorite little benches and I loved it in the natural brown wood color but love it even more in this rustic green. Sorry, i forgot to take a before picture.
This is one corner of the living room. I wanted to remove the blue color and just highlight the yellow and green. before...
wall decor before...
after...this was super fun to paint an old black plate holder and reuse some old frames that happen to have green matting and then take some pictures of the kids and blow them up
ok on to the bedroom. this has been my favorite wall hanging that i found at Safeway of all places for 5 bucks! so instead of throwing it i just covered it in case i ever want to use it again. before...

after...i think this is my favorite project especially because my mom and i made it while she was here. it consists of tracing Hallel and Simeon's hands as the trees and an old shirt cut up for the flowers. and of course i had to put a bird on it, yet another recycled project.

bedroom wall before...
after...this plate was a wedding gift that I have loved and used in so many places but the card was separated from the present so i have no idea who gave me this wonderful gift...thank you to whomever?

  and the big project was painting the red dresser blue. I like the softer hue and the white washed look too
 the book shelf was a fakey wood grain particle board and i took the old red paint to the store and they mixed it brown for me for free!
and the bed before...which i still like just needed a change

after...just took off the duvet cover and the pillow covers. these pillows are ones that my sister made for me a few years ago and i love them
seriously it was fun to find things that i already had and transform them into new things. i think this whole transformation only cost around $20 which fits my budget:) i hope you enjoyed this blog as much as i did!
the end

Sunday, July 10, 2011

summer fun

little chef making strawberry jam
 head cook observing our work and having snacks
 stirring in loads of sugar
 finished product
blowing bubbles
water table fun
 hot day mohawk