Saturday, November 22, 2008

Random thoughts!

Ok we are officially some of the slowest bloggers but we always have a good excuse. I know that's lame. This month's excuse is that Josh has been working tirelessly on his papers for school and presenting at ETS (in Rhode Island). Only one more paper to go and I am soooo proud of him! And I was struck by the plague for about a week and a half. Thank you for all of your prayers!

While I was sick with strep throat last week it attacked my vocal chords and I could only talk at a whisper. Josh was an amazing husband and took care of the baby and I so well. But this prediciment sure did get me thinking.

I have to say that being pregnant around Christmas time and teaching the preschoolers about the nativity story I already have been doing a lot of thinking about Mary riding on a donkey and giving birth practically outside in a stable with hay as her comfort!!!! Yet the Bible specifically denotes her demeanor as one of pondering the reality of Jesus, the Savior of the world being born to her as a little baby, and God using this earthly little couple to be a part of His grand plan for all people.

Well, the whole strep throat business got me thinking about Zechariah and how he literally could not speak for the duration of Elizabeth's pregnancy. It must have been such a huge lesson on faith and humility for both of them and how what God says is what He means. I have to admit I was a little nervous that my voice wouldn't come back and thankfully it has but it is a good reminder to me that I cannot take anything for granted in this pregnancy. It must be the Lord and His strength to live this life.

Aside from my thoughts lately we received a wonderful package today from my sister Cynthia who graciously made a bedskirt, blanket, changer, and sheets for the baby's room. Don't you think that it is just adorable!!!! We are waiting with anticipation for the arrival of our daughter!