Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunny Day

Our lil Irish St. Patty's Day Girl

Yesterday was the first day of Spring! In celebration of Spring we thought that we would give our blog some fresh color. I thought about taking a picture of our beautiful scenery here in honor of Spring but yesterday it was cloudy and rainy, today it is soooo windy and blue sky. We are getting there...

We are looking forward to some sun because Hallel loves going on walks and just looking around wide eyed and excited! I always think that she might fall asleep on a walk but she usually just looks around and coos. And she loves it when we go over bumps in her stroller, that's our busy little girl. I am finding that her womb personality is staying true. She was very active in my womb especially towards the end. And so far once she wakes up she is ready to kick and move! Josh's theme song for her is, "I like to move it, move it" from Madagascar. I love it, but I might get a run for my money when she is mobile.

Her new "trick" is that she can hold on to things so when she is on the changing table or in the stroller or wherever she can she grabs the side of it and smiles like she is so proud of herself. It's pretty cute.

Well, happy Spring all...

Check me out practicing my side style

Thank you Grandma Mathews for the cutey patootee outfit!

Daddy, aren't I the cutest thing you ever did see!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rock Stars

My two Rock Stars never cease to make me smile!

First of all my rockstar husband saved us atleast $250 this morning by fixing our car with parts that he found at a junk yard, thanks baby!
And my little rockstar is learning so many new things!
They both have stolen my heart!

Singing into her mic which is her new favorite toy-hands are cheap too

Sitting up in the Bumbo chair

Hanging out during tummy time

Sacked out

Making daddy laugh


Friday, March 6, 2009

good things come in three's

3 friends
3 bellies
3 babies

...maybe in less than

3 days

we can't wait for you Klont!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A mothers ponderings

My new favorite picture!!!!

One of my favorite lines of the nativity story is that Mary pondered all of these things in her heart. I love to think, probably over think too many things, and love to take in life and mull things over in the quiet. Since being home with Hallel, one of the ponderings that keeps coming up in my mind is that of a child's delight to her parents and unknown to her.
Hallel is so small and is learning such simple things as hand coordination. So that her flailing arms and fingers don't always end up in her eye or punching her face. One of her most common practices of the day are her cat like stretches (that have made Josh and I ponder stretching and how refreshing that is) that occur after every waking period. So in all of this simplicity, yet taxing and hard work for a two month old, is a sheer delight of her parents. Yes, we could watch her all day long with her many expressions and gestures even her sleeping posture is such a thing of beauty. Yet, she will not remember this segment of life, only through stories and pictures. But we, her parents, have her life being etched into our hearts as her personality is unfolding in front of us.
And finally, the main point of my pondering is this. Perhaps - and I will never claim to understand the heart of God - but perhaps, this is the type of joy that we get to bring to our loving Creator. A babe like innocence of how small we truly are in light of God. Yet a pleasure that only a Father could have of watching His image muddle through learning life. Ah the aspect of trust! That I would trust God like Hallel trusts Josh and I for life. And that I would realize that part of worship is just merely being who God made Stacy and that is a delight to my Maker. And that I would abhor sin for the simple reality that it hurts my Father's heart because He does know best.

Here is our little Hallel being the precious baby that God has made her to be and winning our hearts again and again!