Saturday, October 25, 2008


As you can see our blog got a facelift and we just posted three (four including this one) new blogs since we've been so bad about blogging lately. So enjoy and thanks for being here.

A visit from home

Josh's parents drove the crazy drive down from Portland to visit us and we had a wonderful time. The weekend was filled with scrumptious food, grand conversations, a tiny bit of sight seeing and even a few games of zilch.

On Saturday morning we all headed out for breakfast at the Dipsea Cafe for breakfast (a farmhouse style favorite in Mill Valley) and then dad and Josh went on a 20 mile bike ride from our place across the Golden Gate bridge and back. Mom and I went to a baby shower for me and another one of the teachers put on by the Golden Gate Academy teachers. The highlight of the shower was an adorable hat and poncho that mom made for our baby in the softest pink bubbly yarn (the ladies were ready to take orders from mom).

On Sunday, we had a great time at church and then took a beautiful drive out to Sonoma to visit our favorite outdoor garden cafe. We then finished off the night with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, mmmm. Thank you mom and dad for coming to visit!

Baby Moon 2008!

It all started when Josh was asked to recruit for Golden Gate's Seminary that he thought hmmm how can I make this into an adventure? So with Josh's creative mind he started planning how to combine recruiting at Moody and Wheaton while making it into a vacation, and here are the results. Josh spread the word about GGBTS and then we made a long weekend out of it! It was a really special time and we are so thankful that the Lord provided the time and airline miles to do it!

Here's some pics of Chi-town.

The Hancock building

The Sears tower and Trump's new building from the 96th floor of the Hancock.

Famous Giordano's pizza. Baby Mathews loved her first taste of real pizza.

The "bean" in Millenium park.

Three pumkins.

Wrigley field. Good to be there, sad circumstances this year. Maybe next year.

And some pictures of Wheaton and Josh's old stomping grounds
The Billy Graham Center and old Blanchard Hall
Tolkein's desk and Lewis's wardrobe at the Wade center on campus.
College Church

We finally did it!!!!

Since we are catching up on some blogs this might seem outdated from a few weeks ago. But we still wanted to share the news! Since we moved to Cali we have wanted to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge along with the thousands of other tourists that seems to constantly tread the side walk. So, out of the blue one sunny Sunday aftrenoon Josh said, "Let's do it". I wish fulfilling all of our dreams were this easy. We walked the mile and a half or so each way stopping often for pictures and baby Mathews to rest. She is now officially a San Fransisco baby. (for now at least)