Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Weekend

 On Saturday we had a special family day and it was terrific! It's been awhile since we have not had a busy day on Saturday so it was so nice to just be together. Josh started out the morning by a quick round of golf. We have a scholarship from our local community center so he can play 9 holes for free! It's not a great course but it was a beautiful morning and good for him to have a break from work.
The kids and I had a special egg breakfast on the bench while watching Curious George (fun for the kids since we are mean parents and don't usually let our kids watch tv:).
We all loaded up and headed off to the Larkspur family mart for the farmer's market. The kids fed the new Koi fish and ducks in the pond goldfish crackers. Got to pet baby chicks and baby ducks. Made an eco friendly Easter basket and dyed eggs in natural dye made from beet juice, cabbage, onion peel, and tumeric. And my favorite was watching the kids ride a little mini carousel merry-go-round. Simeon was wide eyed and kept saying, "get me off." While Hallel sat there taking it all in as if she was flying on her horse. It was so cute that daddy let her ride twice. She just sat there smiling the whole time. And of course, I forgot the camera:(
On Sunday we had a wonderful service with a full house at church! The gospel message was good. Our Pastor's wife took pictures so the kids could make frames for Easter. And the kids each brought home an Easter Bunny. Simeon's had the name Buster written on his tag but Hallel's didn't have a name. So Josh was asking her what she would name it. By the way, Hallel usually is scared of stuffed animals but latched on to this bunny right away. She thought and thought while Josh suggested names for the bunny and she would say "no" each time.Then she finally said, "I think her name is Ballee". Josh and I just looked at each other and smiled it was so sweet. Ballee has been coming to the playground and everywhere with us this week. Buster is a little more independent:)
We had a scrumptious Traders J's ham and potatoes for dinner with our friends, the Snearly family.They have a little girl Hallel's age and one Lita's age too. Our neighbors even brought over some homemade carrot cake! mmmmm!
It was a wonderful weekend.

Hallel's new pose is to hug Sim. As you can see he's not down with it.

honestly this was the week before Easter but too cute not to post!
Showing off their basket and natural dyed egg before we ate them :)
Elodie and Lita chillin' together (they were both 9lb chunks at birth).
 Hallel and Eleonora gigling and double scootin'.
 "Real" pictures by my photographer friend Elizabeth from church (Eleanora's mom).
 The flowers in the courtyard are beautiful right now. Too bad my little handsome man won't smile for the camera.
Sweet baby Lita.