Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is funny! Hallel is still figuring out the teething ring thing. She had been playing with it until it got stuck on her nose!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Trip to the Zoo

Hallel and I joined the Tiger class when they went to the Zoo! Hallel did awesome and loved the extra attention. The two little girls in the top pic held on to the stroller and entertained Hallel as much as possible. I still don't think she had a clue there were animals there:) She probably thinks hanging around Josh and I is almost as good as the monkey cage, ha!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

My sweet little cuddle bug
This was actually the second mothers day that we celebrated as last year I was still pregos and we did not even know that we were having a girl yet. The day was fabulous and a good time to reflect on the whole idea of motherhood.

I am realizing more and more that the one thing that I want for Hallel is that she know Jesus Christ personally and that she walks in the reality of her Salvation all of her days. Nothing else truly matters. I realize that a conversation about this might be many years off but I have this huge opportunity right now to display the love of Christ to her and live out my faith before her. What an awesome challenge! I am so thankful for Josh's and my mother who did just this for us.

As far as the day goes, we had a great day at church with the body of Christ then had some Mexican food outside (my favorite) and Hallel blessed us with her first major poopf the day. She had it everywhere! How it got behind her ear I will never know. Then we took a beautiful drive towards Stinson beach and ended up at the Depot (another one of my favorites) for some B&R ice cream! Then we hung out at home and while Josh made me breakfast for dinner Hallel exploded yet again. It was comical by this time. We had poo all over the both of us and so this time we just stripped her down and gave her a bath. Finally, we watched the finale of Amazing Race (we were rooting for Margie and Luke). It was a wonderful day and my sweet husband made it very special! I love being a mommy!!!

Outfit #3 if the day

Saturday, May 2, 2009

on the up and up

So it all started this morning when Hallel and I went on the search to Target to get a sale on Pampers. In the last four months I have become quite the diaper snob and have been desperately in search of the "best" diaper for the cheapest price.
My mom has so graciously bought us a few huge Costco boxes of diapers and I feel like I am the diaper nazi trying to salvage each good diaper to last as long as possible. Hallel has no idea and poops as she pleases but nonetheless my quest has continued.
On the way to Target this morning I was praying and felt the need to relinquish my desire for this great deal on Pampers in case they were sold out. Well to my surprise they had plenty in stock but they were also filling the shelves with the new style of Target brand diapers called "up and up". They were less than half the price of pampers so I thought I should try them. Good news for all of my momma friends reading this blog! They are almost as soft as Pampers and a fraction of the cost and have already withstood the "poop" test, no leakage. Not to mention they have cute little blue and green polka dots so your little cutie pie is styling too no matter the gender.
All I have to say is, thank you Lord for once again proving to me that you care about the details of my life way more than I know!!! I am humbled.

...besides who would want this sweet little thing to have soggy diapers?