Saturday, August 29, 2009

Shoe Fettish

Yes, our little one already LOVES shoes! Right now I think they mostly just taste good!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

new news!

Well, Hallel is crawling. I haven't had time to post since she first started and since she constantly practices she is already much faster. Of course as soon as she learns one thing than it is on to the next. So, she is constanly holding on to things and trying to pull herself up on them. Today I came into the living room and she was standing up next to her excer saucer. I didn't see it happen but then when she was supposed to be taking a nap she was standing in her crib. Yikes! She is also learning how to clap and wave. I think that I even saw the start of a tooth tonight on her gums, wow. How can one kid learn and grow so much at one time!

Well, I guess Hallel is going to have to keep up at this rate because she will be setting the standard as "big sister"! Yup, that is right there is another bun in the oven. Unfortunately the oven is suffering from some morning sickness:( The baby is due March 5th,2010 so our kids will be close in age and Lord willing close in bond. We are super excited as we see the Lord growing our family and blessing us in this stage of life.

And by the way Josh spent 5 hours today writing 14 pages for his first of 3 days of comps so you can keep praying for him this week!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures, scooting, and swimming pools

I love my life!

A special visit from Auntie Cynthia

Of course I would love to try peas!

They look like green what?

out with my peeps at the kids museum near the Golden Gate Bridge.
We had a hot day on Sunday and pulled out the baby pool for the first time. Hallel loved it especially splashing.

Well the Mathews pad is on its way to being baby proofed because our little scooter is about to become a crawler. Who knows the day? But the question is, will we be ready? Of course not! How can you be ready for a little 20lb body that can fit into the smallest awkward of spaces with tiny little fingers that can grab just about anything? I don't think you can be ready. But with covers on our outlets and locks on our cabinets, we will try.
Right now Hallel is really good at going backwards and just mastered the bootie to knees and back to bootie trick so it is just a matter of time. Sometimes she gets up on her feet and scoots forward but just can't get those knees into the action yet. She also loves to just stand and hold on to her exer-saucer. She can stand for a good 5 min or more without falling. Can you tell we are proud?
I had a Nostalgic moment this week while making some pillows to liven up our bed and couches. I was hand sewing them and was reminded of my Great Grandma Kyker who used to make huge quilts by hand. I can't believe the time it must have taken her to make one. Ah the good ole days.
Josh is getting back into school mode as next week starts Seminar week and comprehensive exams the next week for him. Then he will start teaching Hebrew and researching his Dissertation topic. Please keep praying for him.