Saturday, January 15, 2011


These two little buddies just love to play together. Hallel sticks up for her brother and tells people that his name is "Big Boy Sim" if they try and call him just Simeon.
And Simeon is now a proficient waver. If he is about to touch something that he is not supposed to and you tell him "no, no" he will look up with a grin and start waving. The other night Josh went in to check on the kids in bed and   Simeon still laying down, almost asleep put his hand in the air to say hello with a wave.
I tried to capture the wave on video but it is much better when he does it spontaneously.

We are on our party marathon right now as all of our brithdays and anniversary fall within 11 weeks of each other. It's kinda fun to just have one celebration after another.
This past weekend Josh found a great deal with Red Robin online (our favorite burger place). You can sign up for a free burger for your birthday. Then he read the fine print and it said that you can use two coupons if your birthday's are within two weeks of the other. So thank you Red Robin for burger's and fries on the house!