Monday, July 27, 2009

I love our little family!

I'm a big girl now!

Hallel is growing right into her personality and she is getting soo silly. It is great and makes us laugh all the time!

Monday, July 20, 2009

2 weeks too late

How come it takes two weeks to regroup from being gone for just two weeks? Ha! No, actually we came back from vacation with the calendar full of events that have been super fun and what makes a summer so out of the norm. But it sure was nice to leave the schedule behind for a few weeks and get caught up in family memories and forget what day of the week it was.

Hallel had an absolute blast with all of her cousins! As a result of being the center of attention she turned into a whiner and would cry every time a toy rolled away by the time we got home. Don't worry, she was back to her good natured self within a couple days. She loved the full audience and tons of holding time from our families. It is so amazing to see her have an instant bond with her cousins. Here are some of the fun times we had.

Hanging out with Grandma M

Rachel showing Hallel her beads - Yummy
Full audience
Elizabeth and Grandma playing "Quirkle"

Nathan and Hallel bonding
with Grandpa M at the Beach
Crater Lake and the gorgeous blue water
Rogue River canyon from the natural bridge
Hallel learning how to swim
...and how to drive
Grandma O and Great Grandma
Hallel and the Sciapiti cousins