Saturday, August 30, 2008

Going, going, gone...

Josh and I love to watch the sunset and there is always something a bit sad about the sun melting into the horizon. That is a little bit the way that we feel about summer coming to an end and the new school year already upon us. But as we look towards the future there are some exciting things ahead that we look forward to in anticipation. (more blogs to come!)

So to catch you up, what we have been up to is school. Josh already completed his first week of seminars for this semester and simultaneously started two new jobs. Needless to say he has started out sprinting and hopes that things will calm down a bit.

His seminars are really good and the program has expanded from 6 to 17 students in just one year!

Here is a picture of his new office for being the PhD Administrative Assistant, where he can also study, an added blessing (no more library cave).

A picture of the million $ view from his Audio Visual office.

I just finished a week of inservice with the other teachers at GGA and have been working on making our classrooms ready for the new year. I am really excited to be working with Aubrey, the lead 4 year-old teacher who is from Oklahoma (and Josh works with her husband), and a sweet part-time Korean named Rebekah, who is also pregnant with a girl about a month behind me. We will have a larger class than last year with 18 active kids each day and 28 total. I get to teach the Bible story this year and am very excited about it as the kids are already learning verses from God's Word!
Please pray for both Josh and me as we cannot do this semester in our own strength and know that God's grace is more than sufficient as long as we are dependent on Him. We want to grow closer to Him, to each other and to baby Mathews in this season of life.
Speaking of baby Mathews she is 1 1/2 lbs. and 8in from head to bottom and moving around like a little ballerina.
Stacy's classroom

Friday, August 15, 2008

So Thankful!!!!

I am thankful for God's lovingkindness in the gifts of . . . my wonderful husband! And our baby!

About Time

Well, I guess that it is about time for an update. It always amazes me how time can stand still at moments and then race by at other times. This would be one of those fast track months. We are more than half way through and I can't believe all that is on the calendar for the rest of the month. The best part is that it is as Martha would say in her low voice, "they are all good things".
It is almost Seminar week for Josh and so the week before (right now) is the crazy times. He also just started a new new job on top of the other new job that he is learning. They are good learning opportunties and will pay the bills come January. One of the jobs is in the audio/visual department and the other is Assistant to the PHD program. Needlesss to say Josh is not sleeping a lot but stepping right up to all that is on his plate.

We are wrapping up the summer program at the preschool and cleaning like crazy for the new school year. We will have teacher inservice the last week of August and start all over again the day after Labor Day.

The baby is doing great and loves to move (hopefully she has some rythm unlike her mother). She is healthy and continuing to grow. She is a little bigger than a banana and can hear our voices. Josh and I are just loving this faze of life and can't wait to meet this little person, our daughter!

Here are some pics from a quick weekend trip up to Portland for Josh's dads Retirement Party.

This is the trophy the guys from Dad's work made for him.
And my first "baby shower" with my good friend Bri.