Saturday, January 17, 2009

Camera Happy

How can we not be a little bit camera happy these days trying to capture all of the expressions and fun that we are having learning about Hallel and her fascinating personality?
It is true what they say that they change so quickly.
Hallel is 3 weeks old and already 10lbs 2oz! (The Dr. said, What are you feeding this child?)
She holds her head up as often as she can.
She grunts alot and makes sweet little high pitched baby girl noises.
And her eyes are wide and aware when she is awake.
Oh the joy of being parents! We are smitten:)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Daddy's girl

Well, we have been wanting to post a ton of pics from the life changing event in our lives two weeks ago but we have been changing diapers and learning how to swaddle and to be honest staring at the most incredible little miracle!

So, in tradition from last year I would like to dedicate this blog to Josh Mathews on his 34th birthday. To the best husband and daddy who has stolen these two girls hearts, we love you!

So before I post a mass amount of pictures I want you all to share a sweet moment of life with me from this afternoon. As Josh was home for lunch this afternoon he was sitting on the couch holding Hallel and she was just gazing up into his face with her (to quote the nurse at the hospital) "dreamy little eyes" for about a half of an hour. It took me back to when we would sit on the couch in the evening and Hallel was still in the womb and she would hear Josh's voice and push her knee and foot to were he was sitting. Oh yes, this is a daddy's girl!

Hallel with her visitors in the hospital. The Sciapitis

The Blackwells

The Miners

Heading home

Dr. Lamar, who delivered Hallel

One of the other Doctors, Dr. Todd. They were all great!

Josh's family came to visit

Napping with Grandpa

Stacy's family also came to visit

Hallel loves her grandmas

Cynthia and Kenney

The Howeths

The Findleys

Sleepy time


First bath
Bathing beauty

Baby mama