Saturday, August 21, 2010

little feet

We were gone for two weeks on vacation and I feel like our kids grew up a ton.
Simeon met my parents and his 10 day younger cousin for the first time!
Plus we went to Josh's dads family reunion with 75 plus people. It was a wonderful time with a great family that gets along in a tremendous way!
Minus the stomach virus it was a GREAT trip and wonderful memories with a lot of family and some good friends too.
By the time we came home Simeon started rolling over both ways. And Hallel is now putting words together to make mini sentences.
Unfortunately, we were so busy having fun that we forgot to take pictures. oh well, the memories live on...

Simeon and Stephen-cousins 10 days apart

Hallel hanging out at a play area in Mill Valley

Friday, August 13, 2010

Anniversary Greetings

Happy 45th DAD and MOM!!!

We had such fun with you in Medford!

We are so thankful for what wonderful Grandparents you both are to our children. We are thankful for the years of putting Jesus first in your lives and for being so committed to one another. 45 years of showing unconditional love and commitment is beautiful and a rarity. We know that it is only because of Christ and so we thank Him most of all. Mom, one time you told me that you and dad have only spent a few days apart from each other your whole married life. That is amazing and remarkable! We love you so much and celebrate in our hearts with you!


Josh, Stacy, Hallel and Simeon