Friday, April 30, 2010

one day

Hi everyone! This is the first blog I have written since having Simeon.(Thanks Josh for posting the pics!)
Sorry its been so long. I write a new blog in my head each week and then between poopy diapers and spit up it never gets to the computer:) Thanks for being patient and I will do my best to be blog happy again!
This is kinda a serious blog taken from an e-mail to my fam about how one day a lot can change. And don't worry, i will post amazing pictures of our beautiful children in the next blog because they are so fun and Josh and I can't get enough of them!
-Had my 6 week ob check and im doing really well. I still can't believe how quickly the healing has been compared to Hallel's delivery. I just have had one weird thing. I will tell you the story and ask you to pray.
Mon the 12th about mid morning i suddenly lost hearing in my left ear. I thought I was sick so I started taking head cold medicine and realized a few days later that I didn't have any sick symptoms. I was able to see a Dr on Fri and he said that my left ear and throat were swollen so he gave me some flonase and told me to e-mail him on Mon. There was still no change in my hearing so my Dr put me on antibiotic on Mon and still no progress. In the meantime, I had my 6 week check up and my ob Dr. put me on Sudafed. Still no progress so after over two weeks the Docs sent me to an audiologist. I was there this morning and had multiple hearing tests. The aud said in short that I have "Sudden Hearing Loss" and sent me to see a Medical Dr. He said that I have had a viral infection at some point and I have an immune problem which triggered the hearing loss. He then put me on Prednisone and Zovirax to deal with the inflamation and hearing loss. He said that when this happens it is permanent damage and sometimes they can recover up to 1/3 of the hearing. I will be on these medicines for 10 days and then go back to the Drs. in 2 weeks for another hearing test.
I am asking you to pray that if the Lord wills that He will restore as much of my hearing as possible or all of it. It is definitely hard to hear the kids when there is other noise going on. And being in groups is really noisy and I feel like i am straining a lot to hear well. The good news is that my right ear is really good so I can still hear well with that one. I think that we have been to the Drs one to two times a week for the past 7 weeks:)! I am so thankful for great insurance right now! It is kind of a sudden change and impacts our family a bit. As always, Josh has been extremely patient and helpful.
Sorry that this e-mail is extremely LONG and I'm sure full of grammatical errors but I wanted to update you all and ask for prayer.
We are loving our kids and this stage of life and the HUGE blessings that God gives us each day most of all His Salvation!!!!-