Saturday, April 23, 2011

cool shades dude!

Hallel had gotten out her sunglasses and Simeon wanted to try a pair on too. He just stared out of them for the longest time mezmorized by the shade. Hallel thought he was so funny she gave him a big ole kiss!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

waiting for Friday

All week Hallel was talking about and waiting for Friday. Her anticipation was bubbling over with excitement. She would dance in circles and randomly burst in screams of delight! You might ask what was so special about Friday April 8th, 2011?
As only a 2 year old can express the exhilaration of excitement for family.
It was a visit from Grandpa, Grandma, and Aunt Sara, of course.
As usual we packed it in with as much fun as possible in a 3 day weekend. Starting out with Yummy burgers grilled by our very own gourmet chef Josh and apple pie by yours truly and to top it off with homemade vanilla bean ice-cream, again a Josh specialty.
We spent a beautiful sunny day in the city of San Fran via the ferry boat which Hallel is still talking about. The boat ride was a first of several experiences in the city which have been on our "wish to do" list. We also went to the Farmer's market at the SF ferry building for the first time, where we sampled all kinds of organic cheeses, preserves, fruit, even lavender sugar and rosemary salt. Another first was at the market where Sara and I saw Nicole Kidman and her daughter sampling at the bread vendor. Josh and I have been disappointed that most of our friends have seen stars at a grocery store or park and we never have in our 4 yrs in SF. I have always wondered if I would really recognize someone famous or not so now I know. I kind of felt bad for her having to be covered with sun glasses and hair in hat but she seemed to be fitting in just fine. (on a side note of conviction it made me feel funny for being so excited to see a normal person who happens to be well known and made me wonder why i am not so excited to tell people about knowing Jesus, probably because He is God and was hated by some and still is today but i wish i was more open still).
All in all it was a great day at the pier in the city! We had a great time having them come to our church on Sunday and love how our church family is so welcoming and made them feel so at home! Then on Monday we were treated to breakfast at the Half Day Cafe, yet another first, and it won't be the last! It was rated best of Marin 2011 and we know why, soooo good!
Lots of laughing, talking, playing, and hugs. It was worth the wait...for Friday to come.
bacon cheese burger with grilled veggies
pie a la mode
fun with aunt Sara

silly with hats
 hanging out at pier 39
 enthralled with aunt sarah's iphone on the ferry boat
 readin the news before breakfast

 getting ready to say good bye

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who could not love those blue eyes and irresistible chubby cheeks?
I had to take a picture of Hallel's first ever braids. I love having a girl!
 All ready for church!
 Rainy, cold wintry days are gone. At least for the last week! Yeah Spring!
 My boys on St Patty's day.
 "the girls" in green
scootin around

 best buddies and playmates