Tuesday, August 30, 2011


What do sheep, egrets, and turtles have in common? Absolutely nothing except that they are currently a part of our lives.
SHEEP-have been on our campus for more than a month and they are the highlight of most of our days. The school hires out a sheep herder and about 150 sheep to eat all of the weeds on campus. It has been amazing to see a huge field totally gone in a matter of days. The kids have been entertained for days and days by the sheep and the 2 lambs and the dog who herds the sheep. It has brought new meaning to the kids Sunday School lesson about David the shepherd boy too. They are eating their last area and we will miss them.

EGRETS-are one of the birds that have become a fascination to me. They are beautiful birds that sometimes have crazy feathers on their heads. They are mostly in the water and so we see them on our walks but often they are in the tall grass and stand like statues so that you won't see them. I love that even my 18th month old can say "egret" and point to it.
TURTLE-one of our friends gave the kids a turtle pillow and they love it. They jump on it, snuggle with it, and drag it around the house. It cracks me up what toys my kids love. Its usually the things that surprise me most.

 Just had to add a picture of my little MONKEY who was helping Hallel and I color with markers.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1st haircut

 I finally cut the curls out of Simeon's hair. We have loved Simeon's cute little boy curls but they were getting so long that they were curling into his ears. Its hard to see the cut up close but i think he looks so handsome and he definitely still has wave in his hair. 
before (first big owie too with a tumble down the stairs)
 sleepy boy

Friday, August 12, 2011

two weeks in Oregon

The best way to describe time with family is through pictures. So here are some (a lot) of photos that explain the fun times that we had!
Lots of car time.
The kids were amazing travelers.
 The first week we camped with Josh's family in Lincoln city. It was so fun and we were spoiled by staying in a Yurt.
 Hallel and Simeon and Stephen (2 weeks younger than Sim) spent a lot of time just playing at the camp site in the dirt. They loved being outside all of the time. Simeon was often telling Stephen big stories.
 Trying to convince his cousin to give him his Apple Jacks.
 Hallel just loves her Aunt Sara and took advantage of someone who would read stories to her anytime. Hallel convinced Sara to teach her the song "Twinkle Twinkle" and now Sim and her sing it all the time together.
 A big hit was  the game "corn hole" that Uncle Mike made. The little boys loved throwing the bean bags and the big boys had a competitive tournament.

 This was a great little lake near our campsite that we got to ride in Mike and Anne's boat to get to it.

 We spent one really windy day at the beach. The kids loved it even eating sand pb and j's.
 Did i mention the wind?
 Our little beach bum.
 Heading back to camp.
Making "stick biscuits" which involves a biscuit roasted on a stick with butter and honey inside. mmmmm...

Josh's mom did an ultrasound for us in Portland. It wash extra special because Josh and Hallel got to be there.
 Hallel telling Josh that she wanted to hold and kiss the baby when it comes. Precious!
 Oh yeah, we are pregnant if you hadn't heard:)
Week 2 was in Medford with my family. The kids made tasty popsicles treats.
 Simeon figuring out how to eat them.
 Got it!
 Chillin with Grandma.
Simeon loved sitting in this chair reading his books.
 Reading with Grandma.
 It was so nice and HOT! And we loved it and took advantage of some fun water parks.
 My mom put on a sweet little tea party for Hallel and her cousin Kacy. They were adorable and had fun.
 Unfortunately I didn't take many pictures. My dad served the girls and read "old hat new hat" to them and then they ate and talked and sang "Im a little tea pot" such fun.
Posing with the cousins for a picture. Ohhhhh Simeon. The kids spent time swimming and playing with their cousins.
 Josh made a rope swing for the kids and Hallel just LOVED it. It was great to see Josh be creative and Hallel enjoy it so much!
 Still swinging.
 My sister Signe and her family. Josh and Jonah golfed and put a new a/c compressor in our car. The cousins are so sweet to our kids.
 Sim learning to swing.
The end.