Monday, June 11, 2012

z is for zoo

i am so excited to write this post because it was such a fun day! seriously, Josh and I said, "are we having more fun than the kids just watching them have fun." im still not sure who was having more fun.
 we have been  talking about going to the zoo for awhile now because the kids are just at that age where discovering new animals is super exciting. we walked in to the zoo and saw the zebras and giraffes. the kids were so excited i could feel Hallel's little heart pounding when i held her up to see. the rest of the day her and Simeon ran around giddy from one animal to the next. it is pretty crazy how big and interesting animals look in real life as opposed to a book or animal planet. i love how our God puts evidences of His amazing craft in front of us for our enjoyment.
we kept asking the kids what their favorite animals were and i think the bears and the gorillas took 1st place. Goodnight Gorilla is currently our book of choice and so the REAL Gorillas were definitely a fave.
we also stood around and watched a grumpy(i would probably be grumpy too if i had to get in the bear enclosure) zoo keeper put a bunch of fish in the water and some veggies around some rocks. when she put the barbed wire back up two bears came running out and racing to get the fish. one bear kept splashing right in front of us to get food. it was an amazing sight.
we ended the outing with a ride for Hallel on the carousel horse. she was so excited that her horse and all the other animals were going up and down and around.
 the kids were so exhausted when we got home we put them to bed early and had a friend come over while Josh and I went back into the city to see the bears again. only this time it was the cubby bears playing the sf giants. we almost beat them in the last two innings but it was not too bad to be beat by the home team. it was Lita's first game too!
watching the penguins eat
 peacock feathers
 our little peacock
 our little spider
 watching the bald eagle
 two bear sisters that we watched eat
 polar bear
 colorful parrot
 kangroos who were too sleepy to jump
 peaceful emu
 yelling, "jump kangaroos jump!"
 Lita having fun in the stroller
 happy girl
 the game