Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The letter "H"

 Today was a beautiful day and so the kids were outside playing with chalk and sticks and stuff. I was just grabbing dinner out of the oven and Josh had just come home from work when Hallel announced, "Look at my H"! Sure enough she had made the letter "H" on the cement with her side walk chalk. We obviously talk about this letter a lot because her name starts with it but neither Josh nor I had ever shown her how to make one. Josh then proceeded to teach her how to make an "A" too. It is so fun to see her learn.
Sim's making his own progress too. At every meal he used to stuff his food as full as he could in his mouth till gagging. And now he takes a bite and points to his mouth and tells us "chew dat".
Sim being a goof ball.
Hallel joining in on the fun.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Are you curious who George is? Ha, so much for the cheesy pun!
This summer curious George came to our favorite little museum so we got to visit him 2 times before he was moved to another place.
The kids had a blast both times we visited George and they just love him more than ever before. He is such a classic monkey that gets better with age!
The exhibit was amazing. Filled with George mini golf, a child size elevator door to open, a windmill station, a station to help George wash windows and much more. One of the favorites was a work station where the kids could put a foam block on a trolley and crank it up a conveyor belt to watch it slide down a track. The kids spent a long time at this one.
I love how every month that we go to the museum I get a glimpse into where the kids are developmentally. It is so fun as a parent to watch them grow and learn and to see what activity they are drawn to each time. God certainly knew the process of growing up would be entertaining!
George in July with Josh
 window washing
Sim's hideout

 love the illustrations inspired by H.A. Rey
 my two goofy boys
 finger painting

George in September
 don't they look more grown up and taller?

 putt putt golf
 conveyor belt work station
 windmill station
 shape projector

 secret windows
 elevator door man
 i found George
 Sim's favorite hideout
One of the perks of living in SF. We just love the free day at the Discovery museum and look forward to it each month!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The news we all have been waiting for...

Yep, you guessed it them are some sparkly girlie shoes!
The story: 
This morning i went in for the "big" ultra sound. The woman who did the ultra sound was really nice and just took her time and got all of the pictures she needed. About half way through she turned the screen to me and said, "look at your baby". The baby was just lying on its back sucking its thumb looking super content. So special!
 I love this sweet little picture of our gift from God so peacefully resting in my womb!
Then a bit later she said, "oh yep, its a girl" and showed me a nice bottoms up picture. And a few more times she said yes its a girl for sure. So nice to have a good confirmation! And we are so thankful to the Lord that she said the baby looks healthy! 
The reactions:
I was super excited when I heard her say that it was a girl. I am glad that Hallel will have a sister not too far from her age. I think the last 3 times I have heard the doctor say the sex I am always excited and then a little sad that the its not the other gender. Almost like i have to mourn the other 50% chance. I know that sounds weird.
Hallel has been convinced that we were having a boy and that his name might be Simeon. So when we told the kids the news she just looked really deep in thought and going to cry. But she is happy about it now. 
Simeon just said, "baby girl" real excited. 
Josh is super excited for a girl and is being reminded of sweet memories of when Hallel was born. He would have liked another boy for Sim to have a little buddy so close and was excited to use our boy name since we don't have a girl one picked out. 
It is really fun already to refer to her as "her" and to get the kids more excited about a little sister.

We love our little growing family!

Friday, September 9, 2011

the little playground

Usually the kids and i head down the hill to the playground at least a couple of times a week, and especially on Thursday's when we get to watch Josh play basketball at the court next to the playground. But a few days lately because of bad weather or a lazy mamma who doesn't want to walk the hill we have been going to the "little playground". It basically consists of about 6 slides and a few other scattered toys. Here are some fun pictures when I remembered to bring the camera.

One of my favorites!

 My other favorite! Hallel loves these pink boots that her cousin from Alaska passed down to her.
walkin' home!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

someday cubbies

 This past Monday Josh and I got to renew our tradition of going to see a Cubs vs Giants came at AT&T park. So far, all of the kids have been to a game either in utero or just as babes. But last year unfortunately it just didn't work out for me to go with Josh so he kept the tradition with some buddies. But thanks to our sweet friends the Baums we had a wonderful date night. Josh and I both said by the end of the night we had forgotten how fun it was to just be the two of us. And the cubbies made it especially entertaining for me with 4 home runs and a 6-0 win!!!!
 I finally have a cubs t-shirt to be a real fan! Thanks Josh:)
 This picture was for the kids. Someday it will be fun to take them down the coke slide.
 Our view from the nosebleeds which was actually super good and right below the windy spot.
 The orange palms outside the stadium. Seriously half the fun of the game is just being there with all the fans, the smell of garlic fries, and being in the park next to the water.
 After game hot out of the greaser maple donut from the famous Bob's (it's been around since the 50's).
mmmm.... are you hungry yet?
As Josh always tells me, "maybe next year cubbies"!