Tuesday, December 21, 2010

big boy

Just a couple of short videos to show Simeon's little budding personality. He actually crawled for the first time yesterday and then a couple of times today. But he still prefers the army crawl or just cruising around on furniture. He is working on tooth #4 and eating a few solid foods. He is almost never without a smile and is so affectionately called "big boy Sim" by his sister.
I love watching these two play together and make each other laugh. It is so awesome to see them bond and hopefully they will always be good friends. In this video Simeon was laughing so hard at Hallel and of course when i started filming he kept getting distracted by the camera. But it is still super cute!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Josh and I are both suckers for the Christmas festivities. We love singing carols, reading advent, drinking peppermint mochas, family traditions, and anticipating opening presents!
This weekend we went to Sausalito and looked at gingerbread houses on display in the local businesses and then watched the parade of lighted boats and fireworks. Hallel loved it and especially the fireworks (in her words the lights that make noise).
Today we went to the Depot in Mill Valley to go down the man made snow hill but it broke a few minutes before we arrived. Kinda glad we weren't sledding when it collapsed. So we walked around the town and enjoyed the Christmas singers. 
One of my favorite memories growing up was when our friends would bring over a plate of Christmas treats and we would carefully pick out our favorites cookies and savor the peanut butter balls till the next year!
Well now it is my turn to try my hand at Christmas delectibles and share the moment. So for those of you whom we cannot deliver to this is our best try.
Enjoy the season...only 13 more days...