Saturday, October 30, 2010

G & G time

Our kids absolutely love their Grandparents! 
The other day Hallel was talking to Grandpa O on the phone and I told her to say, "Have a good day" and it came out, "Have a Grandpa day". It was so sweet. 
A few weeks ago Grandpa and Grandma Mathews came for a visit and the kids were delighted to have 
G & G all to themselves. We decided to take them into the city for Fleet Week. It was so fun to see the Blue Angels in flight. 
 Of course we can't wait for Christmas for more G & G time! 

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

sleep cycles

One night when Josh went to put Simeon in his crib he whispered for me to come look at Hallel in a funny sleep position on her toddler bed. Since then Josh and I have tried to capture some of these great positions on film. 
So far Simeon sleeps in his swaddle so his sleep style is pretty much mummy like but that is about to change. We tried laying him down without a swaddle today and he cried for an hour freaking out with his hands so free:). He is such a character. He can do one arm out but two is just too much for now. I am sure we will have some great pictures for him soon too.
My favorite one of Hallel is when I came in to check on her at nap time and she had gone and found her striped socks and put them on and pulled them up over her pants! She definitely has style:).

Her beloved "doggie blankie" wadded up beside her.
 One day she somehow fell asleep with a hand holding on to each side of the railing.

Upside down and hanging off the bed.
Deep thoughts in dreamland.
Favorite position-booty up!
I had to throw one in of Simeon when he rolled over and fell asleep after watching his fish mobile.
Classic one leg off the bed trick.

There is something so peaceful about these little wiggle worms that don't stop moving from the time they get up till when they go to sleep and then complete stillness.