Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baby Love

Well, how does one describe the miracle of life?! I am at a loss for words but have been pondering the design that God chose as the best plan for us humans to experience yet again a tiny vision of how His humongus heart works. I am sure that in His infinite wisdom He could have made babies a gazillion different ways but He chose to use the beautiful union of man and woman to give to one another so He can create. Why does He chose the woman, the weaker vessel, to house such a precious one? I do not know, but He wanted the child to dwell and be nourished for months inside flesh, the womb. I wonder if just maybe it is more for the parents to be humbled by this tiny little heart beat and growing body to draw us to the Creator? If He wanted us to be in awe of Him for these 9 months as much as we grow in love with our child. I'm sure it serves many purposes beyond what my mind and heart can take in at this moment in time. What a Wonderful Maker!
I was struck last Friday when we had our first practice in the chapel with the 2-4 yr olds at the preschool when they came to the simple and ageless song, "Jesus Loves the Little Children of the World". They were especially loud as these mostly unchurched children belted out a song they love. I thought, "they get it, they Know that Jesus loves them no matter who they are!" What joy this must bring to the Father's heart who made His children to praise Him with a full heart!
I can only await with a heart of expectation at the daily lessons that Josh and I will learn from this little life that He has given us charge of for this time.
How great a love the Lord has lavished on us that we should be called children of God!

Random pics that we thought you would like!

Josh and I at our favorite Mill Valley square. We rode our bikes down for a picnic lunch and game of Settlers.

Celebrating Josh's first year of Seminars at PF Chang's - Yummy!

Giants game in the City with our friends, Josh and Elizabeth Howeth.

Josh puting another log on, camping at Clear Lake and our first Mother's Day celebration (I had a craving for a bagel with cream cheese) at the cutest coffee shop/garden in Sonoma, thanks Josh!

That's all folks!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Baby Olive

If by now there is anyone out there who does not know yet that we are going to have a baby, we're very sorry, but it's true! Stacy's first official appointment is this Thursday. So far baby mama has been feeling pretty well, pretty tired and a little queasy but not too bad. (Baby daddy feels great and could not be happier.) And no, we are not thinking of naming this little baby Olive, though it is kind of cute. The book Stacy's reading says that this week (week 9, we think) the baby is the size of a medium green olive. So the name has changed from blueberry to raspberry to olive, and next week we'll be talking to little Pruny in Stacy's tummy. It's amazing that a little person is growing, and growing so quickly, inside of Stacy right now! It can only be from a great, creative God. We are so thankful, humbled, excited, and in awe. What a blessing!