Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The most recent change is that Simeon is standing all of the time right now and we just can't wait for him to take his first step! Maybe by his first birthday. He is so determined to stand that he practiced for about 15min the other night standing straight up from a pillow and then falling on it. So funny.
Since the purpose of this blog is mostly to keep our family and friends updated on our life here in San Fran i will limit my wandering thoughts to a minimum.
We are entering a season of change in every sense of the word. A few weeks ago Hallel was standing outside in front of the newborn pink blossoms on the tree next to our house giving us premature thoughts of Spring. While last week we were bombarded with nights of winds and rain storms of such extravagance that Mt Tamalpias has snow at the top. Mt Tam, as we call it, has not had snow for some time.
We again enjoyed sunshine today and will be reminded of winter this week as more rain is on its way.
Besides the high and low changing emotions of our weather our dear friends are finding new homes. We are so excited with them and have witnessed God's faithfulness as they are trusting  Him to lead the way. And simultaneously seeing our little block of companions become empty houses.
It definitely leads to reflection and thankfulness of heart to have met, bonded with, and grown up in many ways with these dear friends. I love the fact that we can walk out the door and down a few houses and find sweet little playmates for our kids. Five families, 7 little amigos, and 2 buns in the oven have relocated since January. Some moved closer than others so we will just have to drive further now.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

its been a while

so how about a hodge podge of pictures to make up for lost time. i apologize to the grandparents who love to see their grandkids in action.

I'll start with a reminder of the amazing place that we live. 
A yummy cup of coffee from downtown San Fran in Jan (i honestly didn't meant to cheesy rhyme) 

 I made this gross Fallafel and none of us liked it. We felt bad to make Hallel eat it but she's a good sport.
 Hallel, Simeon, and Josh have a nightly routine of wrestling when we finish dinner. I am not sure which of the three has the most fun!
 The kids playing with their sweet friend while the dads were watching the game on Super Bowl Sunday.
These are the cutest cupcakes that my friend Hannah made for her son Salem's 2nd birthday!
 This was the best shot i could get of the kids wearing their party hats they made at the birthday party. Hallel would not smile and Sim would not sit still. oh well.