Thursday, July 24, 2008

barefoot and pregnant

We had an ultrasound on Sunday and found out that (we think at least) we're having a girl. So instead of visions about little league games, big wheels, action figures, and matchbox cars, we're getting excited about things like princesses, ladybugs, dolls, and anything pink. But little girls like to play with Legos too don't they?

Just this morning Stacy came out and said, "Josh, will you come in here please." She has been telling me for a few weeks now that she thought she felt the baby but wasn't sure. This morning she was pretty sure and I felt for a while and finally, just faintly but definitely, there was a little kick or punch, and then another one. So amazing! We could not be more excited to be having a girl, and we feel blessed by the Lord so far beyond what we could ever imagine.

Otherwise, we're just keeping busy with summer stuff. Stacy is working with the 4 year-olds now, where she'll be till December when she is done. That has been good and she has really done a wonderful job. She works from 10-6 and has been very faithful about exercising and being in the Word every day. And she's still keeping the house clean and me very, very well fed.

I've been working and reading, getting ready for seminars coming up in less than a month now. It looks like it will be another fun semester. I'll be in a Psalms seminar and one on the Gospels, and I'll be working on learning Latin as well as some other odds and ends kind of research and writing.

Here are a few photos, mostly of my beautiful wife and the baby growing inside her.

This is the great little town of Sonoma, where we went for the day a few weeks ago. If you're ever there, go to the Sunflower cafe (in the photo on the left I think) for a coffee, breakfast, lunch, or whatever. Just be sure to sit out back in the garden seating area. Everything about it is just right.
...growing. This was a couple weeks ago in our little kitchen, where Stacy is displaying her culinary genius as she does every day.
...and growing. These ones were taken this evening. Isn't she adorable?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ball Game

A couple weeks ago we went to a ballgame at At&t park between the Giants and the Cubs. It was a great game that the Cubs won. and we stayed for the firework show afterward. Here's a few pictures.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Good friends

There is something so amazingly special about those people that God has brought into your life for a specific time and purpose. Someone that you have seen in many life circumstances both stressful and fun. Who has been on a few road trips (definitely bonding) and labored in prayer together. Bri is one of those types of friends that is a gift from God and Josh and I were blessed by her presence last week! Fun times! Thank you Bri for coming all of the way from Oregon!

We had a great time in spite of the smoke from the fires--yuck.

We mostly hung around town and just talked, which is my personal fave but we also packed in a few fun outings. I think that all of us would agree that one of our favorite activities was watching a thought provoking yet sweet movie together. One of the movies that you want to tell all of your friends to see because it is rare to see something not big box office but just plain old good. So here it goes, Under the same Moon, a Spanish movie with some subtitles but also English.

Happy 4th of July everybody!