Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Day to Remember!!!

Since it has been forever and a year since I (Stacy) have written a blog and Josh has so kindly not left you back in October of our blog lives, I am excited to write my favorite entry (besides Josh's birthday). No, not Valentines day, although it did entail roses!!! I am proud to announce that we have completed two years of marriage (that sounds so textbook). We had an amazing anniversary!

The day started out with Josh teaching Bible study (Oregon style this means Sunday school) and doing a great job! The guest speaker who was preaching came up to Josh afterwards and said that he was so impressed by the indepth study and notes that Josh had put into it and I agreed. And we give glory to God for Josh being able to use this gift for His glory in a practical way. (You can pray for this Sunday as he will be teaching again.)

Back to the day, we left Church and did our usual Trader Joe's grocery run and ran home to change and take off for a Sunday drive. The sun was out and it was warm and beautiful! And of course we forgot the camera so we went back and finally ended up at Stinson beach for a fun walk on the shore amidst children playing and foreign people flying a kite for the first time (funny).
Then off to our long awaited dinner!!!!!!! I ate the most expensive meal of my life and had more fun cooking it than ever! A big, humungous shout out to Sara Mathews for the perfect Christmas/Birthday/Anniversay gift to Josh. We had a romantic four-course meal at the Melting Pot (a fondue resturaunt). There were roses waiting at the table for me with a card from the Melting Pot. Dinner started out with cheese fondue, then salad (not just any salad either), thn the main meat course (chicken, lobster, filet mignon, shrimp, pork, pasta, veggies, and all kinds of batters and sauces), and finally chocolate fondue with strawberries, cheesecake, brownie pieces, etc to dip in it. We chose the carmel and pecan chocolate because it was flambé style. Needless to say, after eating that many little pieces of food over the course of three hours we were so FULL and HAPPY!
Our waitor was a cute little older man who told us about his website, his garden with about 100 herbs, and who gave us the history of the resturaunt which used to be a brick factory. It was such a fun experience and a memory that we will not forget.

Thank you for reading all of these details, and there were many more unwritten that made up a beautiful celebration of the Lord's astounding goodness! We both know that we could not be experiencing the goodness of beeing married if it were not for His kindness.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What does the Academy Know? A Lesson for the Mathews

Last night we went to a movie. After a busy week we thought it might be a fun and relaxing way to spend a couple hours. Boy were we wrong in this case. We saw There Will Be Blood. It's up for academy awards and from the description it sounded interesting. We are highly recommending that you never watch it, either in the theater or on dvd. It was a good lesson for us and we will be watching fewer movies for a while just to minimize the chances that we'll have to sit through something like that again. In hindsight we should have gotten up and walked out 30 minutes into it, but we both expected it to turn some kind of corner and at least become a little entertaining or interesting. Nope. Not only did it have disturbing and depressing (not to mention sacrilegious) themes, but it also was quite slow and boring, not very visually interesting at all, lacking a discernible plot, and way too long. It had very little if any of the typical things that would have kept us away--like language, nudity, or excessive violence--but was full of stuff very contrary to what we ought to fill our minds with as Christians. I had to apologize to Stacy for taking her and I didn't really want to confess on here that we saw it, but we wanted to do our part in trying to keep 2 1/2 hours of your lives free from that trash. Please don't see it.