Thursday, June 19, 2008

The threesome

The thing on my mind most often has to do with a large bulge protruding from my belly that seems to be getting bigger on a daily basis. I am not saying that it is a bad reminder just one that is only going to become a larger reminder:)
So here's the quick update blogger style.
Daddy: Just celebrated his first ever Father's Day and was officially announced as a Father in front of everyone at our Church on Sunday! Feeling a bit of sleep sympathy for Stacy and has been willing to take naps when needed. Also practicing up on his golf swing inspired by another new father (yes, Tiger Woods) and to be ever ready for a golf lesson just in case we have a boy.
Mommy: Potty training 2o two year-olds at the preschool to hone in those "accident" skills. There is nothing to teach you faster than a two year old standing at the door with pee running down her leg into her crocs to get you to move a little bit quicker when they have to "go".
A bit tired and oh so ready to be officially in the 2nd trimester next week. Praise the Lord for 13 good weeks!
Baby Peaches: Now almost 3 inches and the size of a peach, wow!!! Developing vocal chords this week, no crying yet. And if its like its mother with bad habits it is sucking its tiny little thumb already.
All in all, the 3 of us our doing quite well and are loving these wonderful stages of life that bring so much joy and anticipation. We love being parents already and anxiously await the feeling of holding our little one.
Thank you for all your prayers! Keep it up please!

Here are a few little clips from the ultrasound Mom Mathews did a few weeks ago.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


We haven't stopped blogging, just been busy the last few weeks. Here's a few pictures of some of our recent highlights.

Josh's sister, Sara, came for a visit and we showed her the sites around here, took her to San Francisco, and just had some good, rich, fun and meaningful times (re)connecting with her.

Then on Thursday before Memorial day weekend, right after Stacy got off work, we headed North to spend ten days with our families. The first stop was for a few days in Medford with Stacy's family. We got to see Kenney and Cynthia who just got married in March, have been living in Turkey, and are just moving to Georgia.

Then we kept heading North to the Portland area. We spent a few days there with family and a friends and then headed to Rockaway beach with Josh's family. It was the first time in a while that all of us have been together (we are up to 17 now including the number 8 grandchild inside of Stacy). Again, great times of playing games, talking, relaxing, and just being with loved ones.