Thursday, October 29, 2009

Southern Belle

Our friends Ryan and Rachel and new addition Brady Blackwell were visiting friends a few weeks ago all the way from Arkansas.

Rachel brought some headband bows/flowers that she had made for our friend Aubrey, who is expecting baby Ella, a week before I am due. We tried one of the flower bands on Hallel and this was the result. (Rachel also is a professional photographer)

In all the baby stores here there are cute tiny little bands but I guess they really bring out the bling in the South!!!!:) I just still can't get over those big eyes!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh brother

Well, it's official that we are having a BOY! We are all super excited, especially Josh:) It certainly makes it more real and exciting to know who we are anticipating. I will be at the half way mark at the end of this week already! Hallel is becoming more and more into my growing belly button and seems to sense that something is up.

Last week we had a few star sightings at the President's Cup which took place in San Fransisco. My husband found a deal to get into the practice round and Hallel and I saw for the first time up close Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Michael Jordan. And we have proof:)

Over the weekend my good friend Bri came and stayed with us on a layover on her way to Colombia where she is working with street kids for a month. It was a fun time and Hallel loved the extra attention!

I am continually amazed and overwhelmed with God's provisions for us we are so thankful to be here for this season of life. A hummbling reminder that we don't fit into this culture came the other night when Josh and I went to get Starbucks at the closest mall. We saw a maternity store with a sale going on so I asked Josh to guess how much a pair of jeans was and niether of us guessed $210 so then we looked in a baby store and came a little closer to baby jeans at $50. I am so glad that we don't have to live under these social pressures!

Oh Mill Valley...