Tuesday, May 17, 2011

happy mamma

I'm finally posting about Mother's Day.
These faces are what make being a mamma so much fun!
 Why is spaghetti so messy but so good?

 Classic Simeon lower lip face

This Mother's Day poor Hallel had a fever and horrible cough so Josh stayed home from church with the kids while I went to work in the nursery. Needless to say it didn't feel exactly like mother's day at first but then again that's what makes being a mother a special job. It's a daily role that is unpredictable and messy but involves the most important people in my life and that it why I love it!
As usual my sweet husband made it a special day. We had a great day just being together as a family hangin out. Then Josh fired up the grill and made these wonderful hamburgers. He did not let me clean a single dish the entire day! AND he gave me my mother's day wish and fixed the brake on our stroller and gave it a tune up so now our walks are back up to speed.  We ended the evening with strawberry shortcake and watching The Amazing Race, my favorite show. It was a beautiful day!

Monday, May 2, 2011


The other morning Josh was here when the kids woke up in the morning. And upon finishing her morning milk Hallel said to Josh matter of factly, "Let's play daddy". It got me thinking how God made little kids to learn through play and how hard they work at this job. I love observing them figuring things out and growing through just trying something over and over.

One of Hallel's new hobbies is taking care of her lady bugs in her bug catcher. We have gone through a few as Simeon or her free them often but tonight Josh and her caught about 4 new ones. We have named the previous bugs "Lady" since there has been only one at a time so i'm not sure what we'll call this batch.

Well here are some pictures from these two hard at "workplay".

eagerly watching mommy bake cupcakes (yes I did gate them out to cook)
eating the finished product
morning and evening milk ritual
 the entertainment of a drill
 hangin with the gang
Simeon's new trick
and another trick