Sunday, August 26, 2012

it's been awhile

Sorry for the delay in blog posts family. 
Summer got busy with travels and outdoor fun. We were in a time of wondering what was next. And our internet access changed. Yup, those are all my excuses and so now on to the post.
I am going to fill in the gap of time with a list of gratitude rather than naming off things we have been doing for the past two months.

1. One of the things that I have been learning through this time is that God provides exactly what we need. Just as the Israelites had manna and quail for just that day. God is providing our needs just for today. While we are planning for the future He seems to be calling us to stay simply in the present. This is stretching us to walk by Faith. And it's good.
2. Josh has gone through the steps of revisions that the publisher requested for turning his dissertation into a book, and it is moving closer to being in print. We have seen the Lord's hand in several ways to get to have this opportunity.
3. Simeon had his first day of no accidents in his big boy underwear and using the toilet, not just the potty chair. A significant goal for him after about two months of intense training for the second time.

4. A wonderful day spent with my sister and her family at the Discovery Kingdom. So special to make memories together with the cousins.
5. God's provision of work for Josh. Everything from a temp job at a parking booth to digging out a tree stump to freelance editing and teaching German and more. Needless to say, Josh is not bored.
6. The provision to live on campus for another semester with out the stress of school.
7. My women's study on Knowing God. It has been so good to get to know Who I am putting my faith in and just how He is so much greater than me and how He deserves all of me.
8. The ability to exercise somewhat consistently. I thought I would never jog again after giving birth to Hallel. And I get to jog in a beautiful place amidst God's creative glory.
9. Our incredible families who pray like crazy for us and love on us in so many practical ways.
10. My children who LOVE to smile and giggle and be silly and bring our lives so much joy. And my incredible husband who keeps our life steady and sane with his consistent walk with Christ.

Well, that sums it up for now. So until next time, hopefully sooner. I will leave you with a few photos.

Lita loves the Boppy
 feeding ducks in Sonoma
watching the cousin ride a roller coaster
pizza extreme after a long day of fun
big eyes
 big smile
 big sister with a big owwie  
 big boy being goofy in Lita's bouncy
 spittin image
 can't believe how grown up Hallel is getting

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